Road & Gravel Chainrings

Road Bike Chainrings that use patented BRIDGE Technology to shift faster and more stable than our peers.  Light, stiff, and awesome shifting in popular road bike sizes, Race specific Junior gearing also for use by many older riders that don’t want to piush a larger ring, and our Super Shifting Ultra-Wide 53/34 to shake up the industry and offer the ultimate range.

Chainring Patents
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Other Patents Pending

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110mm BCD, 5-bolt Road Compact Cranks (Standard) – Available Now
Shimano 4-Arm Road Cranks – Available Now
Fits Shimano 110mm BCD, 4-Arm Road Cranks (Dura-Ace FC-9000 & Ultegra FC-6800; DA 9100 & R8000; and 5800 & 4700)
SRAM 22 Style Hidden 5th Bolt Style Cranks – Available Now
SRAM Exogram Style Road Cranks – Available Now
Campagnolo Compact (110/112 BCD) – Available Now
10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible