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Can I change the chainring sizes in a set?
Do WickWerks Chainrings work with Shimano Di2?
How does my Bike Shop become a WickWerks dealer?
Can I Buy WickWerks Chainrings In Europe?
What Rings Do I Need For My SRAM Red or Force Crank?

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Thank you for your interest and support of WickWerks and our products.  Here are some additional resources for questions (or visit the Resource Center):

  • Of course, Frequently Asked Questions.  We have tried to build this area of the web site to assit with common questions — and you can Filter the results to quickly find the applicable FAQ.
  • For questions of a technical nature concerning bike setup or performance, please visit our technical support site.  We have lots of tech, performance and troubleshooting information there.
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  • For assistance with functional troubleshooting issues that are not answered at or technical support site, we recommend the skilled hands of your local bicycle shop service guru.  Most shop mechanics are well trained and ready to assist.
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