44/34 SRAM

44/34 Teeth – BCD  110 mm,  5th bolt behind crank arm.

– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed

[info ]Please See Photos Below for Correct Rings.
– For 2012+ SRAM Red (Exogram & Red 22)
– For 2013+ SRAM Force (Force 22)[/info]

Other Chainrings to Fit these Cranks:
Cyclocross 46/36 – Red & Force 22


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Cyclocross High Performance Chainrings for Red & Force 22:

Proven Cyclocross chainring shift technology now available for the 2012+ SRAM Red Exogram, Red 22 and 2013+ Force 22 Road Cranks. (The combination Katie Compton won her 9th US National Championship and the CX World Cup riding!)

Perfect for those that don’t want to push a bigger ring and want to keep a steady rhythm and cadence.


BRIDGE Technology Cyclocross & Gravel & Road Chainring Set:

– 44/34 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 113 g (Ring Set)
– 2 Chainring Set


– 2012+ SRAM Red Exogram, Red 22 & Force 22 Road Compact Cranks.
(110mm BCD, 5-bolt (5th bolt hidden), 10 & 11 & 12 Speed)

Mountings bolts/nuts are available on our chainring-accessories-fasteners page.

Chainring Bolt Set – SRAM 22 Cranks

Chainring Bolt Set – SRAM Exogram Style

Order the Correct SRAM RED and SRAM Force Compatible Chainrings:

WickWerks makes chainrings for BOTH SRAM RED Crank styles (and BOTH SRAM Force Crank styles).  Examine the images below to know which crank you have, then follow directions below each image so you can get the right rings.

Two Styles of SRAM RED Cranks:

SRAM Red & Red Exogram Crank Styles

The LEFT image is a typical SRAM RED Crank before 2012.  This configuration is typical of most road and ‘cross cranks — available in 110mm BCD as well as 130mm BCD.

Look at your crank.  If you see all 5 bolts as shown above on the LEFT, you will need our standard CX 44/34 chainrings (here) for correct fit.

The RIGHT image is the newer RED EXOGRAM and Red 22 Cranks.  These come in 110mm BCD (shown) and 130mm BCD.

Look at your crank.  If you see 4 bolts as in the image on the RIGHT (and if the 5th bolt is attached into the back of the crank arm), this is the right place.  Select the “SRAM Red” Crank Style (near top of page), then “Add to Cart” to place your order.

Note:  Crank graphics vary from year to year.  The cranks shown above and below are for reference of the bolt patterns.  The important things are First, the hidden bolt;  and Second the BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter).

(BCD or Bolt Circle Diameter is the circular spacing of the 5 chainring bolts.  Both images above show 110mm BCD (or “Road Compact”) cranks.  130mm BCD is also a common size.  Measuring the bolt circle of a 5 bolt crank can be a bit difficult, but it should also be indicated on the crank or on the existing chainrings somewhere.  Check the size before ordering your new chainrings.)

Styles of SRAM Force & Force 22 Cranks:

SRAM Force and Force 22 Crank Styles

Similar to above, the LEFT image is a typical SRAM Force Crank before 2013.  If your crank has all 5 bolts visible as shown on the LEFT, you will need our standard CX 44/34 chainrings (here) for correct fit.

Like the Red above, the RIGHT image is the newer Force 22.  If your crank has a bolt configuration like of the image on the RIGHT (with the 5th bolt behind the crank arm), this is the right place.  Select the “SRAM Force 22” Crank Style (near top of page), then “Add to Cart” to place your order.

Note:  There is an easy method for mounting WickWerks chainrings on the SRAM Force 22 cranks.  Please see these special Force 22 mounting instructions.


‘Cross Rings for the SRAM Hidden Bolt Cranks:

The 2012+ SRAM RED Exogram crankset (aka Red 22) is excellent for Cyclocross.  SRAM says the new RED is both lighter and stiffer than the previous generation (not to mention they’re cool with the hidden bolt), which makes it great for ‘cross. Now enter the WickWerks, ‘cross specific chainrings — these rings are exactly what the cranks are begging for, and it’s a dynamite combination.

In 2013, the SRAM followed the paradigm with the Force 22 crank.  Although the 5th bolt does not go into the crank arm like the Red Exogram, the Force 22 hides the 5th bolt behind the arm for a similar look.

The new WickWerks chainrings are fully compatible with both these SRAM hidden bolt Cranks — in both 10 & 11 speed.  Not only compatible, but superior.  Proof is in the number of podium finishes that have been ridden on these WickWerks rings.  Proof is in the nasty muddy environments cross riders play in — and the WickWerks rings love it.

Check out the chainring images above.  Look especially at the back view to see the radical chain ramps.  (We call it BRIDGE Technology.)  This technology is well proven on CX courses all over the world.  They’ve adorned bikes and racers to the podium in races from local scrimmages to a World Cup Championship, so we’re certain they’ll perform for you.

WickWerks chainrings are a favorite in cyclocross circles because of their capability.  Adding them to your Red 22 or Force 22 is a wonderful upgrade.  Check out some Riders that use them.  They’re proven by some of the best.

CX Mag photo of Mo's SRAM Red 22