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Innovating to Improve Your Ride

Dual Sided Chain Catcher

The Sentinel  –  Dual Sided Chain Catcher

As featured in the 2016 TDF, this innovation is now available to everyone. Read More, and Get Yours Here
Road Wide Ratio 53x34 - Standard Compact

Road Bike Ultra Wide  –  53/34t Chain Ring Set

The best of all worlds — for climbing, speed and superior shifting. Available here for most popular cranksets.
Fit Link Braze-On Adapter

Fit Link  –  Braze-On Adapter & “The Juniors Solution”

A simpler option for Junior Road Racers. “The Juniors Solution” gives more flexibility and better ratios for competition. / Read the Tech / Buy Here /
Mountain Bike 1X, 32t Z-Ring - Front View

Z-Rings  –  A Different Approach to 1X

Z-Rings are the WickWerks 1X solution that offer some distinct advantages. / Read the Tech / Buy Now /
Grab that competitive advantage with our expansive line of chainrings, crank sets and additional accessories.  VIEW PRODUCTS
Creative design translated into solutions that solve several common cycling problems — innovation to improve your riding experience.  READ MORE

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Customer Focused, Performance Driven

  • The Most Fun !!

    It is said “Cyclocross is the most fun you’ll ever have on a bike.” Believe it!

    A more grown-up way of playing in the mud, which brings both challenges and euphoria — but you better have great drivetrain components — like WickWerks chainrings. These rings are proven over and over by amazing riders racing all over the world.


  • Z-Rings to Quench the 1X Thirst

    Bring on the rocks and the dirt, the mud and the sand. Z-Rings are a unique approach the current 1X trend — Unique, because Z-Ring Technology is Narrow-Wide, Enhanced.


    ALL Z-Rings ON SALE

  • On the Dock, Ready to GO

    New WickWerks packaging looks great! Here it is on the dock going out to fill an order. We have more, and it’d look better in your hands ready to be torn apart . . . to liberate the performance wrapped inside . . . it’s the upgrade your bike has been waiting for.


  • Another Day In The Shop

    Look close, it’s a new prototype getting mounted and prepared for some abuse. These rings, first announced at Interbike are getting ready for launch, so keep your eyes out, this is a game changer.


Shift Your Expectations
Better Shifting and Better Performance Than Any Other.
It’s Time to Re-Think Your Chainrings.
  • – @MrKatieCompton – on Twitter

    @bicyclecove Shimano rings for Pros only. Personally I prefer @WickWerks. Stiffer rings work better for Di2. The shift ramps are fantastic.

  • – Hansi – comment on Facebook

    The absolute, best shifting chain rings. Period!

  • – Max C – comment on Facebook

    Very happy with my shifting.

  • – Ben B – comment on Facebook

    Just installed these on my Superfly. Very happy with their performance so far.

  • – Bryan B – comment on Facebook

    I love my rings!!!! Send me a banner and I will fly it at all the races!! Check out gheto.CX . NorCal vs SoCal CX Jan 4-5 be there!!!

Chainrings for the serious rider

Chainrings For The Serious Rider

Founded and developed by cyclists, WickWërks offers advanced component solutions for an improved riding experience. By refining existing technologies and innovating new ones, our products provide a competitive advantage to racers, and a more enjoyable ride to recreational cyclists. We are proud to offer choices that makes a noticeable difference.


Details Matter

With Chainrings, the details make all the difference. These are the “Radical Ramps” of our BRIDGE Shift Technology. Unlike the shifting pins seen on most chainrings, these ramps are like big hands reaching out to grab a whole fist full of chain to SHIFT — when you command it.
So, when we say “Shift Your Expectations”, it’s more than just a play on words.


Details Mater With Chainrings
Narrow-Wide Enhanced - Z-Rings

Enhanced Techno-Innovation

The advancement of technology is often step by step — starting in one place and ending up in another. WickWerks is full of innovative products that came about as enhancements of or enhancements to other, sometimes older, technology. Our latest 1X technology is just that — Z-Rings are Narrow-Wide Enhanced.


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