44/34 Shimano

110 mm BCD – 4 Bolt – Road Cranks (Select Below)
10 & 11 & 12 Speed

Chainring Bolts:  – Road Set
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BRIDGE Technology Cyclocross & Gravel & Road Chainring Set:

– 44/34 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 111 g (Ring Set)


– Fits Shimano 110mm BCD, 4-Arm Road Cranks (Dura-Ace FC-9000 & Ultegra FC-6800, 5800 & 4700; DA 9100 & R8000, R7000) These are all black
– 10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

                Note: The DA9100 ring set will also fit the DA9000 crankset.

Note:  The new DA9100 set is ALL BLACK

WickWerks Cyclocross Chainrings — Now Made For Shimano 4-Arm Road/CX Cranks.

Cyclocross and Gravel and Road rings for the newer generation Shimano 4-Arm road cranks in our most popular Cyclocross 44/34 tooth combination — made, of course, with WickWerks BRIDGE Shift Technology — now configured to fit the newer Shimano 4-Arm road cranks.

44/34t Cyclocross & Gravel & Road Chainrings:

Perfect for those that don’t want to push a bigger ring and want to keep a steady rhythm and cadence.

The 44/34 tooth chainring combination by WickWerks was first introduced in 2008 and made famous by Katie Compton as she charged through the Women’s Cyclocross racing world.  Many other riders (male and female) have followed — realizing that in many cases you can go faster with smaller rings that better fit personal abilities and power range.  Now this very popular 42/34 tooth combination is available to fit the newer Shimano 4-arm road cranks.

These are high-performance chainrings made with the WickWerks BRIDGE Shift Technology to shift faster, to shift more dependably (in all sorts of conditions), and to give a racing shift advantage.

Check out the chainring images — especially the back and side views to see the aggressive chain lifting shift ramps.  (We call it BRIDGE Technology, and it has changed the game.)  This is the best shifting currently available – and miles ahead of shift pins — ready to grab the chain and shift when you’re ready to shift, even in the nasty of a cyclocross race.

Available For The Shimano 4-Arm Cranks

Shimano 4-Arm Cap Covers

This shift tech is now available for the newer Shimano 4-arm cranks.  They fit great on the cranks with regular road bolts/nuts (as shown in most of the images on this page), but if you want a more finished look, you can also get the bolt covers (by Shimano) as shown in this image to the right.  They cost around forty bucks, and you’ll have to order them from your local bike shop or online, but if you want the look, the covers are available.

This 44/34 combination is ideal for junior riders and older riders and those that don’t want to push a big ring.

These rings, 44/34 Cyclocross and Gravel and Road combination, fit the newer Shimano 4-Arm Cranks (110mm BCD, road cranks) and are compatible with 10 & 11 speed chain options. Other mounting configurations are available.  Check out the specs of our many ring options, then get the right rings on your bike.  For setup and maximum performance tips, please visit our technical support site

            Shimano DA9000 crankset shown.

Step up your game with WickWërks Cyclocross 44/34t Chainrings.

Crank Type

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Which Crank Type Do I Have?

Examine the images below, then expand the accordion bars to read about crank details. This will help you determine what crank you have, and which chainring option to purchase.

Please Note: Paint schemes and decoration will vary by manufacturer, by product level and by year of production — all you need to do is identify the shape and bolting configuration.

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