What are Junior Gears?

Junior gear restrictions are part of USA Cycling requirements for junior racers (up to age 18) in cycling competition.  The rules do NOT cover actual ratios or gear teeth, instead, the rules specify 26 feet as the maximum distance a bike may travel in one full rotation of the crank when in the highest gear.
Junior Gears 44/34 - Front
Whether the gearing restrictions for juniors accomplishes the goals set out or not is definitely a debate, but most US sanctioned road and TT races have Junior gear requirements.

Read a full explanation HERE including notes about techniques and recommended equipment.

WickWerks offers three good ratio solutions that work well in meeting the USA Cycling Junior Gear Restrictions:

  • First, Mid Gears Option, (which is a 44/34 gear ratio designed to be paired with a 12-?? cassette);
  • Second, our 52/36 Road Compact option (to be paired with a “Juniors” 14-?? cassette).
  • And, our 41/33 Junior Road Gears which is the True Juniors Solution.  (to be paired with a normal 11-?? cassette – giving options for wheel swaps and all sorts of other advantages).

Please read our article  “Meeting USA Cycling Junior Gearing Restrictions” for a lot more info, and ESPECIALLY, please read Juniors Solution as it outlines the true advantages of this combination of products we call “The Juniors Solution”.  Another good source for juniors cycling info is  Life on The Bike.

True Juniors Solution was officially announced at Interbike 2015, where it was called by some “Best of Show”.