53/34 Ultra Wide Standard 5-Bolt Compact

110 mm BCD – 5 Bolt – Road Cranks (Select Below)
10 & 11 & 12 Speed

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Every once in a while something really stellar comes along, something that bucks trends and flies in the face of traditional thinking.  Something that knocks down barriers, and blows the doors off convential thinking and possibilities.  Think outside of the box and expand your limits.

This is one of those products.  Cycling tradition has been constrained front chainrings to a 16 tooth difference limit (and most competitors can’t do that well).  Now WickWerks introduces the Road Bike Ultra Wide, a 53/34 tooth chainring set — a 19 tooth differential that shifts better than traditional compact chainrings that only have a 16t jump.  Why?  Because it offers the best of both worlds to Road Bike riders.  You asked for it, we delivered.  WickWerks Shift Technology is that good.


BRIDGE Technology Cyclocross Chainring Set:

– 53 tooth big ring, 34 tooth small ring, with amazing shifting between.
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight per Set – (171g-110BCD)


NOTE: Use the drop down menu to select the right set for your application.
110 mm BCD – 5 Bolt – Road Cranks (Select Below)
10 & 11 & 12 Speed Compatible

What is Ultra Wide?

When the 50/34 first became available, the 16 tooth jump from the 34 tooth small ring to the 50 tooth large ring was considered enormous — and for the available technology, it was.  It also did not shift that well, but it answered a customer need for better climbing ratios while maintaining most of the top end for speed (compared to the traditional 53/39).  Then came the 52/36 dubbed “mid compact” as middle ground, also with the same 16 tooth jump.

Now comes the new age with the best of both worlds.  Enter the WickWerks Ultra Wide Ratio 53/34No More Compromise !!  It provides the same climbing capability of the 34t small ring, and the top end of the 53t large ring.  Most important, the shifting of this set is better with a 19 tooth jump than others with only 16!  Made possible with WickWerks BRIDGE Shift Technology — the capability that has made us famous.  This is the Ultra Wide Ratio, and it’s breaks traditional barriers in Road Bike chainrings.

Better shifting, wider ratio, and a load of sweet advantages.  What else could we want?  Read the Full Story.

Note:  Our 34t rings have the clocking designed so they work on both the regular 110BCD cranks and the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks, the only difference is the alignment mark which goes behind the crank arm on the regular 110BCD cranks and points at the crank arm from the opposite side on the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks.


The Road Bike Ultra Wide Ratio chainrings are available for several different crank types.  See the Crank Type Tab above to be sure you’re selecting the right chainrings.  Also, for the first time, WickWerks is offering rings for the 110/112 BCD Campagnolo cranks.  If you ride Campy, now is your chance to experience the incredible shifting of BRIDGE Shift Technology — miles ahead of the traditional shift pins.


Skeptical is understandable.  When a new product breaks traditional barriers — especially when other, much more established companies say it can’t be done — that’s a reason to doubt.  That’s also a reason to look closer, because technology continues to move, and things get better, nicer, faster, smoother.  Our experience is it does not take people more than a few minutes on the bike to realize this is the real deal.  This is the next plateau in shifting.

Step Up Your Ride with the NEW WickWerks Ultra Wide Ratio Chainrings.


Maximize Shift Performance

For setup tips and ways to achieve optimal shift performance, visit the Mechanics Corner. The mechanics pages also include equipment compatibility suggestions with tricks & helps for troubleshooting. Though these pages are written for WickWerks chainrings, much of the information applies to all chainrings, and suggestions given are applicable to being a better overall cyclist, no matter what you ride.

Icons-Warning Warning:   Riding WickWërks chainrings may cause elevated expectations of performance. Other chainrings may then seem inferior.

Shift Your Expectations !!

Crank Type

Which Crank Type Do I Have?

Examine the images below, then expand the accordion bars to read about crank details. This will help you determine what crank you have, and which chainring option to purchase.

Please Note: Paint schemes and decoration will vary by manufacturer, by product level and by year of production — all you need to do is identify the shape and bolting configuration.

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