WickWërks Technology

Our focus is making a better bicycle front drive system. We’re doing that with new and innovative technologies — patented or patent pending — that represent our actions in the quest for the perfect drivetrain. Check out the details in these key areas.

  • The magic of WickWërks amazing shifting is in the patented works we call Bridge Shift Technology. The name is not so important — it’s the awesome, fast, stable shifting that results. When setup correctly the experience is noticeable and exciting — enough that many professionals prefer WickWërks over any other.

    How can it be so different? We are asked . . . Experience it, and you won’t need to ask the question again. It’s a different approach to shifting, it works, and it’s worth knowing about. Read More . . .

  • A new generation of bicycle 1X chainrings for single speed and 1X (one by) drivetrains. Z-Rings are Narrow-Wide — Enhanced. Take the virtues of the Narrow-Wide, then enhance durability, and add chain position flexibility. The result is the Z-Ring. A refined technology for Single Rings. Read More, and learn about the benefits of offset narrow and wide features.
  • What is the next level in front shifting? We think it may be a completely new and unique front derailleur system that interacts with the chain and chainrings differently. At WickWërks, we call it, prophetically, “Paradigm Shift”, as it represents a sleeker, faster, and more adaptable front shifting system. The patented “Paradigm Shift” front derailleur is currently in development, but you can read a little more about it Here.
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