Mountain Double – 38/24

104/64 mm BCD – 4 Bolt Mountain Bike Crank
10 & 11 Speed

3x - 2x Conversion Tabs
For 2x Conversion
Conversion Spacer Tabs
Bash Guard

Chainring Bolts:  – Sets – Mountain Bike
Similar Product:  – MTN 33/22  or  MTN 36/22

Option:  Small Ring Spacers – Req’d for XTR M970, M980

$ 132.50


Mountain Bike Double

Here it is – the most popular mountain bike chainring set we offer. Whether on shadowed mountain trails or dusty gravel roads, it’s got the high and low gear range to take you anywhere your heart desires. And because you’re using WickWerks patented BRIDGE technology you know you’re getting the fastest, most reliable shifting chainrings on the market.


BRIDGE Technology MTB Double Chainring Set:

– 38/24 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 96 g (Ring Set)


– 104/64mm BCD, 4-bolt
– Fits most Standard MTB Cranks.
– 10 & 11 Speed
– For XTR-M970 or M980 (Select option for Small Ring Spacers when ordering)

3X to 2X Conversion:

– To convert from a mountain bike triple (3x) to a double (2x) you can use our Bash Guard or use our Conversion Spacer Tabs.  Either will take the place of the original large ring.

Mountain Bike 38/24

These chainrings didn’t become our most popular selling mountain bike set by accident. They provide an optimal gear range for the most common riding experiences. If you like to ‘ride to the ride’, you’ve got a high enough range to keep you cruising down whatever road you choose. And if you like long climbs, you’ve got the low end to keep you spinning up anything.

If you’re looking to do a 2x conversion, these are an excellent choice, and will compliment the triple range you’re used to. If you’re looking for an aftermarket replacement or upgrade, you’re looking at a top of the line performance product. Designed to fit 104/64 mm BCD Mountain bike cranks, these rings will work with most standard 4 bolt setups.

Fast Shifting Chainrings

Using WickWerks patented BRIDGE technology these chainrings will shift on demand, regardless of the conditions you find yourself riding in. Mud, Sand? Sure. Snow, Ice? Even better. These shift ramps mean business. They have one job – to shift better and faster than anything you’ve previously experienced. Riding WickWerks is an assurance that you’ll get the shift when and where you need it.

Maximize Shift Performance

For setup tips and ways to achieve optimal shift performance, visit the Mechanics Corner. The mechanics pages also include equipment compatibility suggestions with tricks & helps for troubleshooting. Though these pages are written for WickWerks chainrings, much of the information applies to all chainrings, and suggestions given are applicable to being a better overall cyclist, no matter what you ride.

Icons-Warning Warning:   Riding WickWërks chainrings may cause elevated expectations of performance. Other chainrings may then seem inferior.

Shift Your Expectations !!

Conversion to 2X

Cyclocross Conversion Spacer TabsRing count conversions have become quite popular — like going from 3X to 2X, or from 2X to 1X, or even from 3X to 1X !  The best part is they’re easy, and in most cases do NOT require getting a new crank.

Regardless of the kind of conversion you want to do, some accommodation must be made for the chainring (or rings) you remove. You’ve got a few options, some or all may apply depending on your situation. What you choose to use is totally up to you.

Many chainrings are made to fit the crank you probably have. A standard mountain bike crank with 4 arms and holes at 104 mm BCD / or a standard Cyclocross crank with 4 or 5 arms and holes at 110 mm BCD. These can be treated essentially the same as far as the process of conversion is concerned.

Read below, compare your current crank, then follow the instructions for purchasing the right parts.

Mounting The New Big Ring (or Single for 1X)

Conversion Spacer Tabs Assembled 2The new chainring will mount to the inside of the crank spider. (Inside meaning side closest to the bike frame.) See the images. If the crank was made to mount another ring on the outside using the same bolt holes (sandwich mounting, most common), you will need something to take up the space where the other chainring (the one you’re removing) used to use. Here are three options:

  1. Conversion Spacer Tabs Conversion Spacer tabs act as place holders for where the outside ring used to be, allowing you to use the same hardware. They also blend the shape of the crank so it does not leave a gap where the other ring was. For this option, use Standard Chainring Bolts, and the appropriate number of Spacer Tabs.
  2. Bash Guard with 36/22 ChainringsBash Guards can be used in place of the other chainring too. They’re a lot like conversion spacer tabs in that they fill the space originally taken by the outer ring, and they also act as an excellent guide to assure the chain cannot jump or be bumped off the outside. For this option, you’ll need a Bash Guard and a set of Standard Chainring Bolts — 4 or 5 depending on your conversion.
  3. Short Chainring Bolts, or ‘shorties’ as we like to call them, are just long enough to mount a single chainring to the spider, negating the need for a spacer (or bash guard). This option also works well — the only down side being it is, perhaps, not as aesthetic. For this option, you’ll need an appropriate set of Short Chainring Bolts for your crank.

The Small Ring Spot

MTB 30t Single Chainring - Front ViewFor most conversions to 1X, there is no need to worry about other mounting. If, however, your new 1X ring mounts at the smaller BCD (like on a crank made for a triple, use the male end of Standard Chainring Bolts to mount it.

In the case of triple to double conversion, the small ring is mounted just the same as previous. If you need new bolts, order them Here.

Any of the above options are acceptable and will work well — it really depends on your preferences and the crank configuration. Just make sure you check the crank carefully to be sure you’re ordering the right parts.

For step by step video instruction you can visit our Quick Fix reference library.

Note that some cranks won’t accommodate these instructions because of their configuration. The SRAM 2×10 style mountain crank is one of those. Others also exist.