Mountain Double – 33/22

104/64 mm BCD – 4 Bolt Mountain Bike Crank
10 & 11 Speed

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For 2x Conversion:
Conversion Spacer Tabs
Bash Guard

Chainring Bolts:  – Sets – Mountain Bike
Similar Product:  – MTN 36/22  or  MTN 38/24

Option:  Small Ring Spacers – Req’d for XTR M970, M980

$ 99.50


Replacement Mountain Double Chainrings

If you’re into fat biking, these chainrings may be the ideal set for you. Low gearing for easily conquering snow or sand, letting you adventure as long as you’d like. Or if you’d just like to slow things down a bit, this small but mighty gear ratio will entertain the most casual of paces without hesitation. But don’t think that because you’re taking it easy, these chainrings will. WickWerks patented BRIDGE technology guarantees lightning fast shifts no matter what your pace.


BRIDGE Technology MTB Double Chainring Set:

– 33/22 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 52 g (Ring Set)


– 104/64mm BCD, 4-bolt
– Fits most MTB Cranks.
– 10, 11 & 12 Speed
– XTR-M970, M980 (Select option when ordering)

Mountain Double 33/22 For fast, stable, dependable shifting, upgrade to WickWerks MTB chainrings. The mountain double set is ideal for those that don’t care for the big ring — either by terrain, by discipline, or because they like the bash guard. The 33T bigger ring is one tooth larger than most doubles, so it gives that little more top end — which can be really nice in certain situations.

These mountain double rings are compatible with the standard Shimano, SRAM, FSA, Race Face, etc. 104/64 BCD 4-bolt mounting and as an excellent replacement for all the standard brands. These chainrings use our patented BRIDGE technology, so you can rest easy, knowing you’ll get quick, reliable shifting where and when you need it. If you want the best shifting available on the market, WickWerks is the only choice.

If you’re looking to do a conversion to a mountain double, see the Conversions to 2x tab above. You have a couple options, which are explained, so you can pick the solution that works best for you.

Maximize Shift Performance

For setup tips and ways to achieve optimal shift performance, visit the Mechanics Corner. The mechanics pages also include equipment compatibility suggestions with tricks & helps for troubleshooting. Though these pages are written for WickWerks chainrings, much of the information applies to all chainrings, and suggestions given are applicable to being a better overall cyclist, no matter what you ride.

Icons-Warning Warning:   Riding WickWërks chainrings may cause elevated expectations of performance. Other chainrings may then seem inferior.

Shift Your Expectations !!

Conversion to 2X

Chainrings for the serious rider

Chainrings For The Serious Rider

Founded and developed by cyclists, WickWërks offers advanced component solutions for an improved riding experience. By refining existing technologies and innovating new ones, our products provide a competitive advantage to racers, and a more enjoyable ride to recreational cyclists. We are proud to offer choices that makes a noticeable difference.


Details Matter

With Chainrings, the details make all the difference. These are the “Radical Ramps” of our BRIDGE Shift Technology. Unlike the shifting pins seen on most chainrings, these ramps are like big hands reaching out to grab a whole fist full of chain to SHIFT — when you command it.
So, when we say “Shift Your Expectations”, it’s more than just a play on words.


Details Mater With Chainrings
Narrow-Wide Enhanced - Z-Rings

Enhanced Techno-Innovation

The advancement of technology is often step by step — starting in one place and ending up in another. WickWerks is full of innovative products that came about as enhancements of or enhancements to other, sometimes older, technology. Our latest 1X technology is just that — Z-Rings are Narrow-Wide Enhanced.