Conversion Spacer Tabs – 3x to 2x to 1x

For most chainring conversions — 3 to 2, or 2 to 1.
Takes the place of the large ring or bash guard.
Sold in sets of 4 or 5 conversion spacer tabs.

Use with standard Chainring Bolts for Mountain Bikes or for Road & CX Bikes.

Order 1 set for typical Chainring Conversion.
– See Notes Below for Compatibility.

$ 9.80$ 12.20


Chainring & Crank Conversion:

Introduction of 1X for Mountain, Road and Cyclocross has opened a whole world of drivetrain conversions.  Adding to the mountain bike 3x to 2x conversions, now we have all sorts of 2x to 1x conversions possible.  Using these Conversion Spacer Tabs with the right chainrings and accessories, you can do your own conversion and make it look nice without purchasing a new crank.

Whether you’re changing to a 2x or to a 1x setup — in Road, CX, or MTN — these Conversion Tabs are simply used in place of an outside big ring.  Not only do they finish the look of the crank (so it doesn’t look like something is missing), but they take up the space necessary with standard chainring bolts for proper mounting.

Check out the photos above to see how they are mounted.  The first image shows the tabs.  The other images show how they are mounted.  Note the red arrows.  The spacer tabs simply replace large ring of the set — the 3rd (large) ring of a triple set when converting to 2X, or simply the big ring when converting from a double to 1X.  These conversion spacer tabs are needed:  to take up the space of the ring being replaced, to make the crank look good, and for proper bolt length fit.



Chainring Conversion Spacer Tabs:

– Order spacer tabs in sets of 4 or 5 above.
– CNC Aluminum
– Black Gloss Anodize
– Weight:  6g – set of 4;  7.5g – set of 5


– Fits most standard mountain bike “triple style” crank sets (for triple to 2X or 1X conversion).
(Not needed for most mountain 2x cranks.)
– Fits most road and cyclocross cranks (for double to 1X conversion).
– Use with 2 ring attachments (typical 2 ring “sandwich” style attachment where one of the rings is to be removed).
– Can be used for single ring or single-speed conversions.


For Mountain Bikes:

– Use with WickWerks Mountain Bike – 38/24 Chainrings mounted on a triple crank (no bash guard).
– And with WickWerks 36/22 ‘rings mounted on a triple crank (no bash guard).
– Great for WickWerks Mountain Double – 33/22 mounted on a triple crank (no bash guard).
– Looks good on WickWerks Mountain Z-Rings – 1x – mounted on a triple crank (no bash guard).

– Not for use with 120/80 BCD Mountain 2×10 cranks.  (They don’t require spacers for conversion.)
– Not for use with some Mountain Bike 2X cranks that don’t accept a 3rd (largest) chainring.

For more information about triple to double conversion, please visit the Mountain Double – 33/22 page.

For Road & Cyclocross Bikes:

– Use with WickWerks Cyclocross Z-Rings – 1x – with no bash guard (see photo above).


Conversion Spacer Tabs:

All our tabs are anodized aluminum, gloss black.  (Sorry, only black spacer tabs are available at this time.)