Chainring Bolt Set – SRAM Exogram Style

Includes one complete bolt set –
– 4 chainring bolts + 5th bolt and spacer.

Fits SRAM Exogram Style Cranks Only
– See Notes Below for Compatibility.

$ 17.50

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Chainring Bolt Set – for Sram Exogram Cranks:

These are Chainring bolts made for the SRAM Exogram style cranks including Red and Force 22 Cranks — more specifically, to mount the WickWerks Sram compatible cyclocross chainrings to the 2012+ SRAM Exogram Cranks.  Use these bolts with all Exogram compatible WickWerks Chainrings.  Bolt set includes 4 chainring bolts (for the 4 exposed fingers), plus the long 5th bolt and special spacer (to attach at the back side of the crank arm).


Chain Ring Bolt Set:

– 5 Fastener pairs – 4 chainring bolt pairs + 5th bolt and spacer.
– CNC Aluminum 6061-T6
– Black Gloss Anodize
– Weight 9g (Bolt Set)

Sram Exogram Crank


– Fits ONLY the SRAM Red 2012+ Exogram & 2013+ Red & Force 22 Exogram Style Cranks where the 5th bolt, hidden, threads into the back of the crank arm.

Note: For Sram Cranks where the 5th bolt is hidden, but does not screw into the crank arm, please use these other Sram 22 Compatible Bolts.

– Use these fasteners with the Sram 22 Compatible WickWerks Chainrings.


Chainring bolts are pretty simple, but if you have a SRAM Exogram style crank (Red or Force 22), besides being lucky to ride one of these wonderful cranks, you need special SRAM Exogram Compatible chainring bolts – like these – to attach your chainrings.

The Best Shifting Chainrings come with WickWerks Shift Technology!

WickWerks has your awesome shifting Sram (Red, Force, Rival) compatible cyclocross chainrings:
110mm BCD – 44/34T – for Exogram & SRAM 22 style
110mm BCD – 46/36T – for Exogram & SRAM 22 style
130mm BCD – 46/38T – for Exogram & SRAM 22 style

The shift technology that is moving cyclocross racers through all sorts of conditions is available now for the all the Sram cranks including the 22’s.  Check out compatible rings in our cyclocross chainrings category.  The above SRAM Chainring Bolts are just the ticket to get them all attached and running perfectly — and you’ll be running like many of the pros who are also rocking and loving the faster, better shifting WickWerks chain rings.