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Mounting WickWerks Chainrings on a SRAM Force 22

WickWerks Xr chainrings are designed specifically for the SRAM Red Exogram & Red 22 Cranks, but they may also be used with the 2013+ SRAM Force 22 cranks (having the 5th bolt hidden behind the crank arm.

For clarity, this image shows 2 variations of the SRAM Force crank.

The LEFT image is a typical Force Crank before 2013.  This configuration is typical of most road and cyclocross cranks.  Standard mounting instructions are appropriate for this type of crank.

The RIGHT side image is a newer Force 22 Crank.  The directions on this page are intended to assist in mounting this newer style of Sram Force crank — having 4 bolts visible as in the image on the RIGHT and the 5th bolt hiddenbehind the crank arm.

If your crank is like the one on the RIGHT, this is the right place.  See the easy mounting proceedure below.

Some of our small rings have the clocking designed so they work on both the regular 110BCD cranks and the Sram Red22 and Exogram cranks, the only difference is the alignment mark which goes behind the crank arm on the regular 110BCD cranks and “points at the crank arm from the opposite side on the Sram Red 22 and Exogram cranks”.   Other small rings we make for the Sram Red 22 and Exogram cranks have the alignment arrow over the bolt hole which goes behind the crank arm.

The 5th Bolt: The Force 22 stock chainrings have a threaded nut embedded in the bolt hole for the position that goes under the crank arm.

From the Other Side:

Another look, from the other side of the chainring as compared to the image above, this is the Force 22 Crank and stock chainring with the threaded nut embedded in the hole for the position that goes under the crank arm.

WickWerks Rings:

Here is the desired End Goal for this proceedure — WickWerks chainrings mounted to the Force 22 Crank without having a threaded nut embedded in chainring bolt hole.

By turning one of the bolt pairs around, WickWerks chainrings will bolt right up.  Follow these illustrated directions to accomplish the task.

Start with the Nuts:

If you ordered the “Force 22” option with your WickWerks Xr chainrings, you will have 5 nuts and 5 bolts included.  For the 110 mm BCD rings, One of the nuts is slightly shorter as denoted by the silver face.  This shorter nut will be used at the 5th bolt position (under the crank arm).

If you ordered 130mm BCD chainrings, then you do not need the shorter nut, but the proceedure below is the same.

Insert the Short Nut:

As shown in the image, the short nut goes in the big ring at the position that will go under the arm.  Typically the nuts come from the small rings side, but for the Force 22, this one (only this one) goes in as shown.

If you are concerned, or if you have trouble tightening the bolt, you can secure this nut in this hole with some thread locker or adhesive.  Normally this is not needed.

Assemble the Ring:

With the first (short) nut inserted, place the WickWerks chainrings onto the Force 22 crank as illustrated.

Do not put a bolt in this nut yet, just place the ring on the crank spider, place the small ring on the spider, then insert a couple other chainring nuts and bolts to hold the assembly all together.  Screw them together, but do not tighten any of the chainring bolts yet.

Finish Assembly:

With both rings in place and all the nuts and bolts inserted in the orientation shown, snug the 4 main bolts.

To tighten the 5th bolt, (the one adjacent to the arm), jam a very tightly folded (not wadded) piece of paper between the arm and the nut.  The paper should take up all the space between the arm and the nut and be jammed in tight.  Continue to apply pressure on the paper into the face of the nut.  While applying pressure on the paper, the bolt can then be tightened.


Your crank and chainring are now mounted and ready for use.  The image shows the “Force 22” crank now with the Fast Shifting WickWerks Xr Chainrings — Ready to rock the cyclocross course.

Enjoy your new rings!