Can I mix and match chainring sizes?

The Short Answer: We recommend WickWërks chainrings be installed and used only in the specifically engineered sets.

Our rings are designed with a patented BRIDGE Shift Technology and made to work as a set — the large and small rings made so ramps and teeth are properly positioned by each other to give the best shifting. It makes fast, stable shifting, but unfortunately it is not so flexible to mix and match sprocket sizes.

A more complete explanation is given here, because this is “Our Most Asked Question

Finally, Mixing WickWërks chainrings with other brands is also not recommended. It’s not a possessive thing, it’s because the tooth positions (clocking) can be different with each manufacturer, and thereby not allow the chain and sprocket teeth to mesh properly when shifting. In most cases shifting suffers — is not as crisp or fast as it would be with matched chainrings.