What Rings Do I Need For My SRAM Cranks?

Over the years, SRAM has changed their chainring mounting from standard 5 bolt, to the now popular 22 style with a 5th hidden bolt.  The change is not bad, but it does cause some confusion because they did not change the names.  Now there are the “old” and “new” versions that are not compatible.  Examples include Red (Red, Exogram, Quarq, pre-’12, …) and Force (with various mounting proliferations).  Images below show differences with Sram 22, Exogram, and Quarq etc.:

Graphics change from year to year, and that’s not important.  To select chainrings, the important things are:
First, Does it have the hidden bolt?
    – If so, does the hidden bolt thread into the crank arm?
Second, What is the BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter)?

3 Styles of SRAM RED Cranks:

SRAM Red Crank Styles

1.  The LEFT image is a typical SRAM RED Crank before 2012.

– Look at your crank. If you see all 5 bolts as shown on the LEFT, you will need Standard chainrings.

2.  The RIGHT image is the newer RED EXOGRAM or RED 22 Exogram Style Crank.

– Look at your crank. If you see 4 bolts like the image on the RIGHT (and if the 5th bolt screws into the back of the crank arm), you will need “SRAM 22” style chainrings with Exogram Style bolts.

3.  The RIGHT image below (for Force) shows a crank where the 5th bolt is behind the arm, but attaches to an arm of the spider (not screwing into the actual crank arm).  A Red QUARQ powermeter has chainring mounting like this Force crank on the RIGHT below.

2 Styles of SRAM Cranks:

(Force cranks used in the example, but also valid for Rival and other SRAM cranks.)

SRAM Force Crank Styles

1.  As above, the LEFT image is a typical SRAM Crank before 2013.

– If your crank has all 5 bolts visible as shown on the LEFT, you will need Standard WickWerks chainrings.

2.  Like the Red, the RIGHT image is typical of newer Sram 22 (and Quarq) applications.

– If your crank has a bolt configuration like the one on the RIGHT (with the 5th bolt behind the crank arm – but not screwed into the crank arm), you will need “SRAM 22” style chainrings.

Note:  There is an easy method for mounting WickWerks chainrings on the SRAM 22 and Quarq equipped cranks.  Please see these mounting instructions.

Also see the individual WickWerks products pages for more information.