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Video – WW Chainring Technology

Want a quick video explanation about WickWerks chainring technology and why they shift so fast?  Watch this short video taken by the folks at MTBR for the full demonstration.



About The Shot

The video was taken at the MTBR booth at the Sea Otter Classic, in Monterey California, March 2014. did a collection of videos about fun products on the grounds there that week — including WickWerks chainring technology.

In this short clip, Eldon Goates, WickWerks Chief Engineer, makes a quick presentation of the chainring shift technology and shows how it works.  The demo includes both on and off the bike explanations and demonstrations.  The crank used in the demo is a RaceFace Next, Mountain 2×10.  The bicycle in the clip is a Felt, F3X Cyclocross Bike.  Both are pretty special — and we do highly recommend both.


WickWerks Chainring Technology

For more information about the workings, features and functions of our awesome, fast shifting bicycle front chainrings, please read the post on “Shifting Explained” and, of course, our “Chainring Technology” page.

WickWerks produces several sizes and types of chainrings to accommodate a bunch of different applications — including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and ‘Cross bikes.  See our products pages for details about the rings and also the specifications of the cranks they fit on.  Also, catch our Frequently Asked Questions section if you need more information about your particular cycling application.

Get a set of WickWerks chainrings for yourself, and find out just how much difference great shifting can make!  Enjoy the ride.