VeloNews Cyclocross Chainrings Review

“This is the part of technology that I love, when someone makes a component that is brilliantly designed, works as intended, and represents a significant improvement over existing products. WickWerks rings might be one of the best innovations gear shifting has seen in a long time.”  – Michael Robson, Velo News

VeloNews Review of WickWerks ChainringsThis first quote really says it all.  I had a couple good conversations with Michael after he had completed his product testing.  He asked about anodizing and processes and where the rings are made (Yes, they really are Made in the USA).  Michael was very interested in details about the rings because of the good experience he had riding them.  He was understandably complimentary of them as well, and happy to be able to use them.

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VeloNews Review Highlights:

WickWerks rings represent not so much an “aha” moment but a resounding, “Duh, why did nobody think of this before?”

Instead, the chain picks up a ramp almost instantly and lifts onto the big ring. This took me by surprise — initially when I would shift, I thought something had gone wrong because I heard none of the trademark front shift sounds. But when I looked down I could see that the chain was already on the big ring.

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