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The Paradigm Shift — Front Derailleur

Bicycle front shifting and front derailleur systems have long been the weak point of the bicycle power-train.  Numerous attempts have been made to make the front system shift better — including the awesome chainrings designed here at WickWerks.

The paradigm is changing.  At WickWerks we’re taking front shifting to the next level starting with chainrings, then, in the works, by developing a completely new and unique front derailleur system we call, prophetically, “Paradigm Shift”.

Here is a sneak peak.

Paradigm Shift

WickWërks Technology of the Future

Future Front Dérailleur

The action of the arms move to optimize and compliment the path of the chain as it moves from one chainring to the next in “shifting” gears with minimal contact.

Artistic depiction of the derailleur action is shown in the image.

Paradigm Shift Action

Paradigm Shift Action

Paradigm Shift Front Derailleur

Prototype SG Front Derailleur

Prototype SG

A animated graphic of an early prototype paradigm shift front derailleur, Slide Guide. This derailleur was displayed at Interbike and, as you might guess, received a ton of attention.

Notice the minimal contact as the guide moves the chain through the full range of triple chainrings. Notice the quick shifting action of the Paradigm Shift front derailleur in combination with the BRIDGE technology chainrings.

First a big THANK YOU to all who have watched our progress over the years. THANK YOU for all the encouragement and helpful insights.  We know you’re waiting, and we’re working to bring you the object of your inquiries.

The “Paradigm Shift” front derailleur is currently in development.  It has been delayed several times by resource issues and some fundamental sourcing troubles, but prototypes are on bikes — and even raced — for several years.  Why can’t you have it yet?  That’s a good question needing a philosophical discussion.  Answer:  It has to be good when it goes out the door.  At what point is it good enough?  If we are going to make a paradigm shift in the industry, the derailleur needs to perform at the same or better levels than current competition — those systems have been in development for many years — with lots of great minds working on the fine details of performance.  Right from the start, we could see the potential of Paradigm Shift was excellent.  It shifted well even in the early stages, but perfecting it so it works perfect every time, on every bike, and with every shifter is a big task.  Don’t worry though.  We’re still working on it, and we get closer every day.

Stay tuned.  The derailleur will be on the market sometime soon.  We hope, just around the corner.