Chainring Tattoo

Temporary Tattoos
Apply with a damp cloth
Sold in packages of 12

$ 5.00

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Add some spice ink to calf – at least temporarily. These WickWerks temporary chainring tattoos applied to the right calf are a gas for the kids and a hoot for adults too.

Show the love for everyone to see with the big WW pasted in a cleaver way on your calf. It’s a great conversation starter and fun way to get your friends to take a second look at your outstanding shifting chainrings. Kids love them too.

Chainring Tattoos (Temporary)

– Temporary Tattoos are sold in packages of 12 ( 4 sheets of 3 tattoos each ).
– Fun for the kids (large and small), fun for the whole family.

Apply with a damp cloth. Hold for a minute, and peal gently away. Stays for a couple days. Great way to show your friends that your heart is with the bike!

Click on the image above to see the whole chainring Tattoo. Size is approximately 2.5″ wide, 4.5″ long.