Chainring Bolt Set – Campagnolo Road

Includes one complete bolt set –
– 4 chainring bolts + 5th bolt and spacer.  Note: These bolts take an Allen key instead of a Torx key.

Fits Many Campagnolo Style Cranks
– Check Size for Fitting
– See Notes Below for Compatibility.

$ 19.50


Campagnolo Chainring Bolt Set:

Better design with stronger materials for more robust Campy chainring mounting.  We are introducing these bolts specifically for use with our new Campy compatible 53/34 Road Bike Ultra Wide chainrings, but they work so well, we’re also offering them for sale as a set for all Campagnolo riders.  If your crank spider bolt holes are ~8 mm diameter (instead of the more standard 10 mm), these bolts are for you.  Bolt set includes 4 chainring bolt pairs (for the 4 exposed spider fingers), plus the long 5th bolt and special spacer (the bolt threads into the back side of the crank arm and the spacer goes between the big and small chainrings).


Campy Compatible Chain Ring Bolt Set:

– 5 Fastener pairs – 4 chainring bolt pairs + 5th bolt and spacer.
– Stainless Steel Bolt Aluminum 7075 Nut (4 bolt pairs), Aluminum 7075 5th long bolt, Aluminum spacer.
– Gloss Black
– Weight 20g (Complete Bolt Set)


– Fits ONLY the Campagnolo Cranks with 8 mm diameter crank spider holes.
– 5th bolt fits only Campy cranks with 5th bolt (10mm diameter hole) threaded into back of the crank arm.

Note: Please check your crank for the above compatibility requirements to be sure these will fit before ordering.  They are a better bolt combination, but won’t fit all cranks.


Revised Campy Design:

Chainring bolts are typically pretty simple.  Campagnolo did a great job of complicating them, so we re-evaluated the design and came up with a series of minor modifications for a better overall approach.  As seen in the photos here, the WickWerks design includes more thread engagement, more ring and crank contact, and (not seen) materials better suited for the application both for strength and durability. Though stainless steel is not the lightest material, it is much stronger than the aluminum (so it won’t break when you torque it tight) and, it’s much more robust when you re-use the bolts, or oops with the wrench.

Better Than Campagnolo Chainring Bolt

The Best Shifting Chainrings come with WickWerks Shift Technology!

WickWerks now offers another solution for riders wanting both high and low ratios.  Our new 53/34 Road Bike Ultra Wide Chainrings have been so popular for other configurations, that we are also introducing them in a Campy Compatible version. These chainring bolts were created to support our customers that purchase the new rings because our testing showed the deficiencies of the Campagnolo bolts. We, of course, want our customers to have only the very best experiences with WickWerks products, so as part of that initiative, bolts ended up being part of the package with the 53/34’s.

Even if you’re not using the superior shifting of WickWerks chainrings, you may find the simple advantages of these redesigned bolts are just the ticket to getting your Campy’s all attached and running perfectly.


 From Geoffrey, a WickWerks customer from France.  ” I just received the three sets that I ordered. I was hoping that they would be allen instead of torx (you do say on your website, “Campagnolo did a great job of complicating them, so we re-evaluated the design and came up with a series of minor modifications for a better overall approach”), and I was not disappointed. You might want to mention on the web page that they take allen keys instead of torx keys.”