US Patent 8,617,015 B2

It took a while, but it’s finally here.  The United States Patent Office has granted US Patent 8,617,015 covering aspects of the WickWerks chainring ramps and shifting technology.  The patent was issued December 31, 2013 — making it an awesome New Year’s present.  This now adds to the portfolio of WickWerks Intellectual Property.

US Patent 8,617,015 Front Page 

US Patent 8,617,015

The application for this new patent has been in the works for a long time.  Yes, patents do take a long time to filter through the USPTO, but this one was a little longer than usual.  As a point of reference, patents covering the same material filed in Europe issued nearly 3 years earlier!  We are so pleased to add this one to our portfolio as it rounds out the legal coverage of the chainring shifting system we call “BRIDGE Technology”.  This is the technology that makes the WickWerks rings shift so well and so fast — this technology is the heart of “The Worlds Fastest Shifting Chainrings”.

Check out the patent if you’re interested.  It can be viewed here.  For more information, please visit our Chainring Technology page and our Shifting Explained post that explain how the WickWerks BRIDGE system works.

Available for License

This patent is now one of many in the WickWerks patent portfolio, and like the others, the Intellectual Property covered here is available for license.  We invite all who are now copying various aspects of this technology to come join us with a license agreement.  Our intent is not one of containment, but we believe spreading the technology is beneficial to the whole cycling community.  It should be spread wide so that all cyclists can enjoy the benefits of better front shifting.

Try It

While it is great to read about how things work, it’s much better to experience it.  We have found with most customers that true understanding comes quickly when they get on a bike and try it.  Velo News editor Michael Robson had this to say about his experience.

When you experience the difference for yourself, suddenly you begin to really understand and enjoy the chainrings with the amazing Radical Ramps that this new US Patent 8,617,015 discusses.

Enjoy the ride!