4 Winners in “Upgrade Your Ride”

WickWerks and MTBR.com teamed up in June 2013 to give away 4 sets of fast shifting chainrings in our “Upgrade Your Ride” Sweepstakes.  A drawing was held each Friday in June, and the winners each picked the set of Chainrings they’ve been wanting.  And the winners are …

Mountain Bike Triple Chainrings

Winner #1

Winner #1 took some time to choose.  The drawing was held on schedule, June 7th, but the first person chosen did not respond to claim the prize.?.?  What a shame.  According to contest rules, that person was given 10 days to respond, then a second, first winner was chosen:

Winner #1 then became Brian K. from Goodyear, Arizona.  He selected the WickWerks Mountain Triple chainrings as his official “Upgrade”.


Road Compact 50/34t Chainrings

Winner #2

Our WickWërks “Upgrade Your Ride” Winner #2 (June 14, 2013) was, Raymond K. of Bellevue, Washington!  who picked the Road Compact 50/34t as his prize.

Ray will be riding the 200 mile Seattle to Portland with his new chainrings next month!  Excellent choice, for a great, long ride.

Update:  (July 16, 2013)

THANK YOU! What a great product! They performed flawlessly during the 203 mile ride (for a total of 243 miles in 3 rides with the chainrings). I could hear so many others struggling to shift their compact doubles near me (I looked to see their equipment when I passed). I didn’t have that problem with my WickWerks chainrings! I think I sold a few sets for you. Some people noticed my clean crisp shifts and asked me. I told them it is purely due to the chainrings. My father-in-law will be buying a set soon as well. Thank you again for a great product!

Mountain Bike Triple Chainrings

Winner #3

The 3rd week Upgrade Winner (June 21, 2013), from Salt Lake City, Utah, is James W.  James took no time to respond with his selection of a WickWerks Mountain Triple for his Specialized Enduro running an XT M762 crank.  He is expecting a very welcome shifting improvement over the XT rings, and once he gets it all dialed in, he’ll quickly become addicted to the sweet, fast shifting of the WickWerks rings.  Congratulations to James.


Mountain Bike Triple Chainrings

Winner #4

Winner #4 was chosen Friday, June 28, 2013 in our final MTBR “Upgrade Your Ride” sweepstakes drawing.  Mike K., from Boulder Colorado, claimed the final prize!  His choice was also a Mountain Triple, for his Intense Spider29.  He says the old XT rings were needing some attention anyway, so this win comes at the perfect time.  Awesome!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest — and a special THANKS to MTBR. com for hosting it.  We always find it fun to make your day by giving away a little schwag!  And, chainrings make some very nice schwag!  Keep your eyes out for other fun contests and give-aways.  When announced, they usually appear first on the WickWerks Facebook page.

Next up might be Cross Vegas in September.  Stay Tuned!