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Multi-Rider (Tandem, etc.) Challenges

In the arena of challenges for front shifting, there are several fun and interesting bicycle categories — like multi-rider bikes (tandems, (what do you call a bicycle for 3?), Quads, Quints, …) recumbents and tricycles.  Need a solution to a shifting challenge?  WickWerks rings can assist with all kinds of front shifting challenges.

Tandem Rings for “The Quint”

For this post, we have a special case of challenging shifting — The Quint.  As seen here with it’s full family of cyclists — accomplished in many ways — and, as can be seen from the kits, all participate with the Front Rangers Juniors Cycling Team in Colorado Springs

There are some significant challenges in shifting this kind of machine:

  1. First, there are a lot of people pedaling so to time a shift is nearly impossible;
  2. Second, the bike is veeeerrrrry long.  That means long cables (with multiple connectors), which give a lack-luster shifting feel;
  3. Finally, the rings and derailleur are far out of site, so you can’t watch the shift and respond as it succeeds or fails — you just have to shift and hope for the best.

All of these reasons make this bike is an ideal study for multi-rider bicycle front shift improvement.

Tandem Triple Rings for the Quint

The pilot (and dad) asked me some time ago about the WickWerks shifting technology to see if it would help.  He installed the rings and worked with the bike a little.  Once dialed in, according to him, the WickWerks chainrings make a big difference. 

Why?  They shift ! — even if not everyone is in sync for the shift.  They shift under a little load if necessary — which makes it possible to shift at times when other chainrings would not.  Secondly, they shift faster — so you don’t have to endure the “Smash and Drag” of other brands of rings.  Even with the long cables and the resulting lethargic derailleur action, the front shifting is improved with the WickWerks rings.

Tandem Chain RingsIt should be noted here that WickWerks recommends fast derailleur action for best shifting.  With the long cables, that becomes more difficult, but even with the long cables, shifting is improved with the WickWerks chainrings.

All the above keep the Quint in action and shifting better than ever.

Triple Tandem Chainrings

Though the Quint makes a good case study in the extreme, it underscores the improvements that can be made with an upgrade to WickWerks chainrings.  Triples are particularly popular with Tandems (and other multi-rider bikes), and WickWerks is bringing the Triple Road Set back (in limited quantities).  If you have a tandem, or if you ride a triple ring set on – bicycle, recumbent or tricycle – WickWerks has a wonderful solution to improve your shifting.

Available products include:

And it’s not just road bikes — See the photo below sent to us on Facebook.  WickWerks chainrings run this fun machine.  We love this couple — and especially love her smile!
Mountain Tandem

Rock ON !!  You guys are AWESOME.