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Shimano Bolt Caps for Aesthetics

For An Aesthetic Look on Shimano’s 4 Bolt Road Crank

If you’ve got an eye for aesthetics this is a no-brainer.  Shimano’s cranks are beautifully sculpted, but if you prefer aftermarket rings, like WickWerks, they’re probably not going to have the same swoopiness, so here’s an easy solution to restore the fluid lines of your crank using Shimano bolt caps.



Some Additional Information:


  • These aesthetic Shimano bolt caps can be ordered through your local Shimano dealer.  A lot of dealers are not aware of the caps, so you may need to help them find the right cap.
  • If you are changing rings to a new Shimano crank and you’re not sure exactly what you need to do, you can refer to our video about installing chainrings.  Yes, the video features a mountain bike crank, but the installation process is basically the same.  The skills are easily adapted to road applications.  You’ll just substitute the aesthetic Shimano bolt caps as shown in the video here.
  • If you are changing chainring sizes, please refer to the following videos for further instructions: front derailleur adjustment, and setting proper chain length.
  • If you are changing to WickWerks rings, please refer to our Installation Instructions for correct derailleur adjustment to get the best shifting possible.

As always:  If you’ve got more questions or would like to see us cover something we haven’t done yet, visit our Contact US page.  We’d love to hear your feedback.