Sea Otter Classic 2014

WickWerks came to play at the Sea Otter Classic 2014 bicycle extravaganza.  We were in booth #249 – right next to the great guys at KMC Chain.  KMC threw T-shirts, and We had drawings for free sets of chainrings each day at 3:00 pm.

Original Announcement:

We’ll be at the Sea Otter Classic, April 10-14, 2014 near Monterey California ( at Booth #249.

Sea Otter Classic

Want some awesome Schwag?  Come by our booth and enter to win one of 4 sets of WickWerks Fast Shifting Chainrings.  Enter all day by dropping your card (or fill out a card) at our booth #249, then come back for the drawing at 3:00 pm each day (Thursday – Sunday).  We’ll choose one lucky person each day.  Must be present to win.  Again, that’s 3:00 pm each day of the event.

Here’s a map showing the location of our booth.  Come by to enter the drawing, to see the chainrings, to ride a demo bike, to talk tech, or just to say HI.

WickWerks at Sea Otter

WickWerks @ The Sea Otter Classic


  – Thursday:

The booth all set up and ready for customers.

The WickWerks Booth

Thursday’s Chainrings Winner . . . Finally!  We drew 3 names of people that did not show up to claim their prize.  This lucky man took the prize on the 4th name drawn.

WickWerks Sea Otter Classic Thursday Winner


  – Friday:

Friday’s Chainrings Winner . . . (the one in the middle, but her friend was so excited she jumped in the photo as well).

Friday's Chainring Winner


  – Saturday:

Demo bikes out on display for everyone to see, shift and test ride.  Special thanks to Ellsworth for bringing the beautiful carbon Truth — and to Felt for the F3X displayed here — and finally, to Pivot for making such a sweet 429.

Ellsworth Truth

Felt F3X

Pivot 429

The crowd for Saturday’s drawing was the biggest of the event.  Lots of hopefuls ready to upgrade their shifting for FREE.  Alas, only one can win.

Saturday's Crowd

Our Drawing Helper – He was the cutest guy with his bike helmet, superhero cape and all!  (Also Friday’s helper, but twice he missed his mom’s card!)  Oh well.  He was an awesome helper for our drawing anyway.

Saturday's Drawing Helper

Saturday’s Chainrings Winner . . .

Saturday's Chainrings Winner


  – Sunday:

The drawing on Sunday came near the end of the day with a new helper to do the drawing.  Just like the young man on Friday and Saturday, this young helper was given special instructions on fairness.

Getting ready to draw

Pulling the name for Sunday’s Sea Otter Classic Chainrings Winner . . .

Drawing Helper

And the name she drew was her Dad’s!  What a kid.  Sunday’s Chainrings Winner . . .

Sunday's Chainring Winner
That’s the wrap on the 2014 rendition of the Sea Otter Classic for WickWerks.  Thanks for reading.