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February 13, 2014


Purchased these after reading reviews and not being really thrilled with the SRAM replacement rings. I ride the same 18-20 mile routes 4 days a week with lots of climbing. I noticed on my first ride with the rings they felt better, just seemed to have a stiffer feel to them if that is possible. Of course my older rings were worn and needed replacement which may have contributed to the feel.

I can say performance wise after a week these shift much better than the stock rings. A solid shift is whats needed and the ring change is immediate. Quality is above the stock rings and performance is much better. I will be using these on my other bikes as well!!!

Thx WickWerks

I am a WickWerks customer.
What WickWerks products do you use?  –  Chainrings – (Used with a SRAM X9 2×10 drivetrain)
How long have you been riding WickWerks?  –  1 Week
In what State or Country do you live?  –  NORCAL-CA
Where did you purchase WickWerks Chainrings?  –  Direct



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