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April 26, 2014


Finally had a chance to get out and test my new WickWerks front chainrings. I upgraded to the 52/36 rings for two reasons 1) to increase the size and 2) to get a better front shift. All last season I struggled with sloppy front shifts no matter how many times I adjusted the front derailleur. The WickWerks chainrings feel great, look great and shift faster than anything I’ve ridden.

Can’t wait t pile up the miles on these innovative components. Thanks WickWerks.

I am a WickWerks customer.
What WickWerks products do you use?  –  Chainrings – Road Compact – 52/36
How long have you been riding WickWerks?  –  1 Month
In what State or Country do you live?  –  NY, USA
Where did you purchase WickWerks Chainrings?  –  online @

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