MtbRaceNews Review – WickWerks 2×10 Conversion

A detailed review of the WickWerks 2×10 conversion chainrings was written by Jen Hanks and posted on over the weekend.  WickWerks has created chainrings and promoted a nifty system for converting a mountain bike triple to a 2×10 (double).  Jen picked up on this idea and decided to try it out.  This is the result.

WickWerks 2×10 Conversion:

MTB Race News - WickWerks Shift Ramps

Jen chose the WickWerks 38/24t chainring combination for his tests.  This is a popular size and configuration, so it’s a good choice for a review.  This set is intended as an upgrade for those running a 104/64 BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) crank with a 2×10 set-up, or as noted in the review, a conversion from a standard mountain triple to a mountain 2×10.

Review Highlights:

Have you been considering upgrading your triple ring crank to a double but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new crankset?  The folks at WickWerks just may have an affordable and high quality solution for you.

But does it work well?  In short, yes.  Very well.  We had the opportunity to test out some WickWerks rings for the past six months.  We converted an XTR triple to a 38/24 double.

Once installed, performance was exceptional . Over six months of intense, high-alpine riding and racing the chainrings worked perfectly, 100% of the time.

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MTB Race News - WickWerks 2x10 Conversion