Mountain & Gravel 2×10 – 42/28

42/28 Teeth – 10 Speed
BCD 120/80 mm, 4 bolt
SRAM 2×10 & Compatible (XX, X0, …, Race Face, etc.)

Chainring Bolts:  – Mtn 2×10 Bolt Set
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119.50Mountain & Gravel 2×10 Chainrings:

Chainrings compatible with SRAM, Race Face and other 2×10 cranks with a 120/80 BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter).  The outer ring has threaded bolt holes so the fasteners thread directly into the ring for weight reduction, accuracy, and connection strength.  This chainring set includes the mounting hardware (bolts).


BRIDGE Technology MTB Double Chainring Set:

– 42/28 Teeth
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodize
– Weight 105 g (Ring Set)
– Includes mounting bolts


– 120/80mm BCD, 4-bolt *SRAM Style* 2×10 MTB Cranks.
– All SRAM 2×10, including XX & XO
– Race-Face Next and Turbine 2×10 & 2×11 Cranks + more.

SRAM XX (and compatible) Replacement Chainrings

Excellent replacement 2×10 chainrings for SRAM 2×10 cranks (and compatible MTB cranks like the Race Face 2×10) — Great replacements because they are stronger, stiffer and shift better, faster and more reliably than the SRAM rings.

The rings are strong (7075-T6 aircraft grade, CNC aluminum), they’re light, and cost a bunch less than SRAM replacement chainrings — and they’re compatible with the XX, XO, … and similar 4-bolt 120/80 mm BCD cranks.  Best of all, shifting with these rings is superior with the Patented WickWerks shift technology.  They shift fast and stable! — When you want it.

Check out the images above — especially the chainring back image and look at the chain lift shifting ramps.  Those massive ramps all around the chainring are the magic for sure shifting when you want to shift.  Competitors rings have 2 or 4 places per ring to make the shift.  They also use pins which are less stable.

Mountain Bike 2×10 chainrings are popular – especially for race bikes and 29’ers. Don’t be tied by SRAM in thinking you don’t have options.  These are better 2×10 chainrings, they’re compatible and they’re available.

Better rings at a lower price.  What more could you ask?

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You’ll love the the superior shift performance riding WickWerks chainrings on SRAM compatible MTB 2×10’s.  Check out WickWerks Support for more information on maximizing shift performance with WickWerks chainrings.