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On the Spot

Put on the spot by a visitor to our booth at the 2013 UCI Masters World Cyclocross Championships, WickWerks engineer Eldon gives a brief introduction and explanation (along with a short demonstration) about how the WickWerks BRIDGE Shift Technology works.  It’s a bit rough, considering it was an on the spot request and suddenly talking to a camera is a little weird, but click the image below, or follow this link to YouTube to view the video.


WickWerks Shift Technology

Wojtek Video - WickWerks at CX Worlds, 2013Click on this image to view the short video explanation – but try not to laugh too much at the fish-eye perspective and at the video/voice hiccups.  Overall, I’d say Wojtek did a great job of framing the video and of keeping the camera motion smooth.

Thank you for doing the video.

For more information and details about how it all works, and about the WickWerks BRIDGE Shifting concepts, visit our Technology pages.


The WickWerks Engineering Team