New Year’s Resolutions 2015

The eons old tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions can be fraught with disaster from the start.  How many times has the “I’m going to lose weight” been on the list?  Gyms are packed in January, but not so much in the the successive months.

This year we’re suggesting a different tact — with some goals to live with!  Here’s a dozen.  Come follow along.?


Cyclists New Year’s Resolutions – 2015


  1. Get Fat  –  #1 this year, especially in the Colorado winter, get out on a Fat Bike.  They’re a gas!
  2. Ride Less  –  Riding focused on a plan makes bigger gains with less riding, so this year, it’s back to the Training Plan.
  3. Eat More  –  It’s not just about quantity . . . so this year, let’s Eat More of the right foods at the right times.
  4. Start Smoking  –  With #2 above, it’s time to smoke a few more friends & competitors at the local race.
  5. Spend More  –  No, not money — time!  Spend more time maintaining the bike, keeping it clean and running perfectly.  This goes with #2 above, and translates into spending less cash on replacement parts and more serious repairs.
  6. Go Deeper In Debt  –  Think intervals, specifically VO2 Max — and dive deeper into oxygen deficit — deeper into the pain cave — to come out on top smoking!
  7. Drink More  –  Of course!  Drink more water when riding to keep the body functioning at tip top too.
  8. Procrastinate  –  Put off the need to buy the new bike parts by keeping the existing ones in good running order – see “Spend More”above — and save the cash for items you want on the big wish list.
  9. Get Less Organized  –  By being spontaneous on the rides, by varying the route, by going different places, by checking out a new spur off the normal trail, by riding with someone you just met, or by taking the road less traveled.  Being Less Organized means stimulating your mind and enjoying the ride time more.
  10. Act Like A Newbie  –  OK, there’s ton’s of jokes about Newbies, but our hats are off to them!  Newbies are trying something different, extending their horizons, and becoming better — so this year, be a Newbie!  Try a different type of cycling (Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Track, Down Hill, BMX, Time Trial, TTT, 4X …).  AND extend a hand to a Newbie to help them fit in!
  11. Figure Out The Language  –  Knowing the language is half of communication — so listen and ask the dumb questions when you don’t understand (see Newbie above) and learn the Bike Shop Lingo.  After all, if you’re going to be a cyclist, you should be able to talk intelligently about details of the bike stuff.  Knowledge is power.
  12. Give Less  –  This year, let’s ALL Give Less Blood,  keep it sunny side up,  and nix the crashes.  (You with me TDF racers?)

They say a “Goal Not Written Is Only A Wish”, so there you have it. The Cycling New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 in Bolded Red & White right here for the whole world to see.  Care to join?

Have some New Year’s Resolutions of your own?  Share them below in the comments.

Happy New Year!  –  from WickWërks

New Year's Resolutions 2015