Mountain 38/24 Review

Gregg Kato of did a 2 page review of the WickWerks 38/24T Mountain Bike 2×10 chainrings titled “WickWerks Performance Chainrings”. Gregg discusses the product, installation, look, feel and performance on several levels.

This 38/24 Tooth chainring combination, is intended as an upgrade for those running a 104/64 BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) crank with a 2×10 set-up, or as a conversion from a standard mountain triple to a 2×10. Gregg did the upgrade on a SRAM X7 and compares the rings in various ways.

Review Highlights:

There are quite a few reviews on our site ( for the WickWerks chainrings and the most common words used to describe the front shifting action is “fast, crisp and smooth” and we agree.

… since the real upgrade here is the improvement in shifting action and speed, the weight savings is an added bonus.

Read the full review (located on the site) at:

WickWerks Performance Chainrings - MTBR

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  1. Chuck
    August 27, 2013 @ 12:12 PM

    I fitted my 2011 “Fatback” with these rings and it is a great upgrade from the stock FSA chainring options. There are no chainstay/chainring clearance issues.