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WickWerks Merchant Policy

Fast shifting WickWerks chainrings and other bicycle products and accessories are made available at WickWerks.com subject to the Terms and Conditions provided in this Merchant Policy.  Use of the site and especially purchasing from the site is your indication of acceptance of this Merchant Policy.


Customer Information:

Customer information is given in the My Account area and during sales checkout procedures.  It is our policy to safeguard this information and use it only for the intended purposes for which it was provided – for instance, a shipping address for shipping product.  We do not sell or otherwise distribute personal information for any other reason.

At WickWerks we respect your privacy, and we don’t like email spam.  Email addresses provided either in the My Account feature, in Contact Us or for shipping/purchasing reasons may be used on occasion to provide invitations to specials or other information we find pertinent.  These occasions are rare, but if you prefer, you may remove your account at anytime by Contacting Us directly.


Product Performance:

WickWerks chainrings are claimed as the Fastest Shifting chainrings available.  This claim arises from extensive comparative testing as well as analytical evaluation.  The performance of the rings, however, is subject to many factors including:

  1. Condition and compatible configuration of mating and interfacing components (crank, bolts, chain, frame, derailleur, etc.);
  2. Clean and proper installation of all interacting components (the rings to the crank, the crank to the bicycle frame and bearings, the chain to the rings and other components of the bike);
  3. Proper installation and functional adjustment of the derailleur and crank, both with respect to the bike frame and to the rotating chainrings and moving chain;
  4. Proper bicycle drivetrain maintenance and care — including cleaning, inspection of wear parts (such as “chain stretch”, derailleur adjustment and wear), care of the chainrings, etc..  Chainrings likely will not perform properly if they are significantly worn or damaged.

Due to the many external factors of compatibility and of the technical skill required for proper installation and adjustment, WickWerks provides no guarantee whatsoever, expressed or implied, for specific performance criteria.  However, to assist customers in achieving the best possible performance from the chainrings, our technical support web site includes articles, tips and tricks, with hints on how to maximize performance, as well as a Troubleshooting Section.  We recommend all customers follow those directions.



WickWerks brand shifting chainrings are available only in sets.  Our technology is shifting — fast, stable, and precise.  We accomplish this, in part, with teeth that are timed (or clocked) to each other and with ramps set for exact ring to ring tooth differences.  Anything less won’t perform as well.

Though we attempt to keep all sizes in stock, there may be times when certain products are not immediately available, or may be discontinued.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please Contact Us for more information about product availability, or timing.


Product Notes:

WickWerks chainrings are compatible with standards promoted by Shimano and Sram type cranks (including FSA, Race Face, Rotor and more), however, we do not support all the available standards or configurations.  Please note bolt pattern, BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter), and the tooth count.  We are adding more products to our line all the time.  Please check the products pages for up-to-date information.

Made in USA

Yes, WickWerks chainrings and bicycle components are designed in the USA.  Most of our products are also manufactured in the USA.  However, some components (bolts, adapters, etc.) as well as some chainrings are made in Taiwan.  Resell components (like KMC Chain, Dumonde Tech Lube, etc.) are purchased from other vendors and sold through WickWerks.com — no claims to origin are made for these added products.


Orders and Shipping:

All orders through this site are received immediately.  Orders are processed usually within 1 business day.  Please provide valid contact info in the purchase process so we may contact you with any questions or compatibility concerns for your order.

Our Promise:
We will do our best to ship your order expeditiously, usually the next business day.  There are exceptions like when we are out of the office for a day.

In general:
– We ship regular business days (M-F) and most Saturdays, holidays are excluded, USPS and FedEx are closed on most major holidays.
– Orders with USPS Shipping specified:  placed before 4pm MST usually ship the next day.
– Orders with FedEX Shipping specified:  placed before 4pm MST usually ship the next day.

The shopping cart should display only the shipping methods that are available for your address.



Fit and Compatibility:

The products provided for sell are physical in nature and designed to fit specific bicycle configurations.  Descriptions of the products, and their compatibility with interfacing products is provided on each product page.  Though we make every effort to assure compatibility, we provide no guarantee that it will fit every configuration on all possible bicycles even if they are equipped close to the described layout.  For instance, some frames may not adapt well to larger than intended chainrings or changes in the crankset.  Since we cannot control parts or designs of components our parts may be mated to, so we cannot guarantee fit.  It is the customers responsibility to make sure proper components are purchased for the configuration intended.


Returns and Exchanges:

Should the product you receive fail to fit the bicycle or bicycle components for which it was intended, please Contact Us for assistance.  Though it is completely your responsibility to see that correct components are ordered, if an error is made in ordering, we will do our best to assist in getting you the correct product.  However, refunds or exchanges will be offered or denied completely at the discretion of WickWerks and only on products that have not been used or damaged or otherwise in less than new condition.  Unless otherwise stated, return shipping is entirely your responsibility.  Refunds, if given, will be applied only on receipt of the returned product in like new condition.


Manufacturing Defects or Errors:

If any WickWerks products are found to have manufacturing defects or errors we will fix them, replace them or refund them at no cost to you.  It is your responsibility to notify us of any such problems, and you agree to provide 2 business days for us to respond after we receive your notice.  If a manufacturing defect is suspected, please provide photographs of the areas of concern as well as a written description of the problem and/or the suspected defect.  Our typical business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time.  We will make every effort to respond to requests within a few hours, yet, we are a small company, and though we pride ourselves on great customer service, we are sometimes delayed (due to travel, meetings and other commitments) in getting a response back.  The best way to reach us is via our website Contact Us page.



All products available from WickWerks.com are provided “as is” with the intent that they will be added to or combined with other bicycle products – the assembly of which is the responsibility of the customer or one assigned by the customer to perform such work.  Some products may have a manufacturers warranty for which we have no association or control.  In no event shall we be liable for any damages including, but not limited to the assembly or combination of components either, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use, misuse or inability to use our products.  Under no circumstances do we have liability or responsibility for any circumstances where the product is used in a manner for which it was not intended.


License to Use:

By purchasing WickWerks products, you also have an implied license to USE the product in its intended capacity.  WickWerks products include intellectual property which is patent protected and no license is given or implied in anyway to copy or otherwise replicate / duplicate / clone the products or any features of the products.  Violators will be prosecuted at WickWerks discretion, to the full extend of the law.

On the other hand, if you would like to use the patented features of the WickWerks products, please let us know.  Licensing agreements are available via separate contractual agreement, allow licensing of the product and patented features of the products.  If you are interested in such a contract, please feel free to Contact Us with a proposal.  All such separate licensing agreements are beyond the scope of this Merchant Policy.


Changes and Modifications:

We reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of this Merchant Policy at any time.  It is your responsibility to review these terms prior to each purchase.