Look Who’s Riding WickWerks

Here we come again — USA CX Nationals are once again on the horizon — with Stars and Bars up for grabs again!  From our archives we found several great photos from 2014 — take a look, you might be in one.


2014 Nats had some awesome performances which left us with great memories. If you’re interested, reminisce here — but more important, after digging through the old photos we found some some fun shots to share. Look closely, you may find yourself in one of these images.

Oh, just because I’ve got a little New Year’s Celebration tickling my fancy, I’m going to give a set of rings to the first person that can document themselves as one of the subjects in these photos!

Look Who’s Riding WickWerks Chainrings

  – From the Archives of 2014 USA CX Nationals, Boulder CO

Single Speed

Yes, that’s a single speed, and yes, it’s a WickWerks — on a ride to one of the early Stars and Bars presentations.

On the Werx
Riding the Works

Racing on WickWorks
Power meter and WickWerks
Riding WickWerks
Women Racing
Wicks on Pink
Crankn the Werks
Amy D Tribute Socks
At the Start Lineup
3 Sets Shown In One Photo
Ride More Wicks
WickWerks on BMC
Over the Barriers
Racing on WickWerks
Lime on WickWerks Chianrings
Cyclocross Nats
Blurry Chainrings

I’m not sure what the total market is for chainrings in units (or dollars for that matter). It’s huge. WickWerks, on the other hand is an emerging company just starting into the market. What is our market share? Not sure, but I’d guess it’s scraping a small fraction of a single percent.

That being said, the above photos were originally taken to document participant penetration — how many of the really good athletes — the ones that come to compete at a national competition — are riding WickWerks. That figure ended up just over 5%. If our total market is less than 0.5%, but with skilled racers it exceeds 5%, that says something about our performance, and about what’s in the minds those who spend a lot of time on their bikes. If you are not yet riding WickWerks, you should experience what these racers already know.

Thank YOU. Your confidence in us — expressed by your selection of our chainrings — inspires us to continue every day to improve and expand our products — so that you will be delighted and proud to race our rings even more.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 2015 USA Cyclocross Nationals!