Field Trip !

Springtime Testing In MOAB !

It’s time for a field trip – the annual test trip for component abuse and verification.  The boss calls it something else, but we won’t go into that …

Sunny and warm, awesome riding, abuse to all parts of the bike and body, astounding scenery … what more could we possibly want – oops – I mean NEED – for testing.  Oh, and a shout out to the Moab trail builders — Thank You for all the great work you’ve done / you’re doing to make this place even better.  We’ll be back again and again, I’m sure!

Here’s some fun preliminary shots.  And, you can read more on testing results here.


Wick Werks Moab Testing 2015

Wick Works Chainring Testing Moab

Wicked Bicycle Test 2015

Always an amazing place to ride (and test, of course).  We look forward to visiting each year.  With scenery and trails and features and riding that is pretty unique on this grand a scale, we sure wish you were here to enjoy it with us!