I just got my new WickWerks rings. What is different in the shifting technique?

To get the most from your new WickWerks chainrings, yes, the shifting technique is just a little different.  Several of our pro riders have expressed some weirdness about shifting when they first get the rings.  However, when adjusted correctly, and once they change their thinking paradigm just a little, the shifts improve dramatically and they fall in love.

The main change in shifting technique is to move the shift lever faster.  Move the shift lever quickly and deliberately. In comparison, with traditional rings, many riders move the shift lever slowly — we call it babying the shift.  Shimano and others have taught us to do this for years, but with WickWerks it’s a little different.  For best results, shift fast.  Shift with intent, and the WickWerks rings will perform at their best for you.