Will the Fit Link work on my bike?

The Fit Link, Front Derailleur AdapterThe “Fit Link” is a special adapter to allow a Front Derailleur to be mounted below a Braze-on Tab to accommodate smaller front chainrings. It works on most road bikes and many cross bikes equipped with a braze-on tab.

Fit Link Fits

To say it will or won’t work on a particular bike is difficult since braze-on tabs are not consistent nor is the placement of the tab on the bike frame predictable. The Fit Link itself fits almost all bikes with braze-on tabs, but the other side of the equation is how it will place the front derailleur with respect to your chainring choice, and maybe more important, your front derailleur choice.

The “Fit Link” works with most road bikes when used to accommodate chainrings that are significantly smaller than the stock ones the bike was made for. For instance, most road bikes have braze-on tabs set for use with a 53t, 52t, or 50t large chainring. In these cases, the Fit Link will NOT help accommodate a 46t (for instance), and most applications won’t accommodate a 44t. Many will work with a 42t chainring, and almost all will work with a 41t chainring — like our “Junior’s Solution” package.

Potential Problem Areas

1. The length of the front derailleur cage. As in this article, a shorter cage may be required if the end of the cage hits the bicycle chainstay. Only fitting it and trying it will reveal if this is a problem with your particular bike in your particular configuration. The nice thing is other derailleur options are available, so if yours is too long, we can help you get something shorter.

2. The flair of the frame below the braze-on tab. Most modern bike frames have a flair of the seat tube as it intersects the BB shell (which adds to stiffness. This is not a problem with the Fit Link usually, however, in rare cases where the bike frame is made to flair out immediately below the braze-on tab, there may be interference with mounting the front derailleur lower. Again, the only way to really know is to try it.