How Do I Convert My Bike To 1X?

The process is pretty simple.
– Start by finding and acquiring the right 1X chainring. For help in choosing, read this article about Choosing the Right Gears.
– Make sure you get a chainring with the correct Bolt Pattern and BCD for your crank.
– Remove the shifting chainrings from your existing crank.
– Mount the new chainring (note proper orientation).
– Set chain length as suggested here. (We recommend a new chain with new chainrings.)
– Pedal the bike on the stand and assure proper function, and you’re ready to go.

As a side note, if you’ll be riding the bike in dirty or rough conditions, you may wish to consider a chain guide. Though great names like “Drop Stop” have been coined, the truth is more chain drops happen with 1X than with shifting gears because in rough or dirty conditions, the chain is not always guided perfectly onto the chainring, and if the chain is not on the ring, there is no way for the ring to keep it from falling off — no matter what brand of 1X ring you choose. Interestingly, shifting bikes all have a chain guide — aka the front derailleur — that keeps the chain moving onto the gears directionally correct, even over rough terrain and when mud, dirt or weeds are problematic. Just something to think about.

Enjoy the new 1X riding!