What can I do if I damage a chainring?

Chainring damage can fall in 2 categories:

1) Superficial or repairable damage.

Things that fall in this category are single tooth damage (such as hitting a rock with the chainring); and aesthetic damage such as scratching the surfaces.  For this, we recommend a careful evaluation.  In most cases, the damaged area can be filed down till smooth — which is most effectively done with the chainring removed from the bike so all sides can be felt and if needed filed till they are smooth and consistent with the original geometry.

If a tooth gets bent, first, try to bend it back carefully with a pair of pliers.  If it breaks, or if the area around is rough, file off the areas up to outside where the chain normally goes.  One tooth will be shorter than the others, but that usually won’t matter for one tooth.

2) The second category is functional damage:

If damage is significant enough that it effects chainring function, the rings should be replaced.  For instance, if a chainring is bent (so it does not run true any longer), it will need to be replaced.  Other things that fall in this category include repairs from above that might be significant.  For instance, if several teeth need to be filed down significantly, the chain may not track properly on the ring.  Basically, if function degrades, replace the chainrings.

So, if you’ve damaged a WickWerks chainring such that it needs replacement, please contact us and we’ll help you get new rings.  We’re loyal to our customers that are loyal to us.