How do I get the best shifting from my WickWerks chainrings?

The best possible shifting is a combination of the best shifting chain rings – WickWerks – and the proper adjustments and shift techniques.  Do these things and your shifting will be great!

  • Mount the crank and chainrings properly and in accordance with manufacture instructions — including BB spacing;
  • Set the proper location of the Front Derailleur to the chainrings — 2-4 mm clearance;
  • Position of the derailleur cage with respect to the big ring — usually straight (parallel) with the ring, though some bikes need a touch of toe-in or toe-out for chain line clearance or to get precise shifts;
  • Set cable and stops so that:  from the big ring position at rest, when the shift lever is pushed all the way, the front derailleur moves slightly outward maybe not quite a mm or so.  (This slight over-travel will help assure quick shifts without throwing the chain over the top);
  • Shift like you mean it.  Shimano (and others) have trained us for years to baby the front shift.  If you do that with these rings, you won’t see the fast shifting they are capable of.  When you’re ready to shift, punch it and go.  (We recommend you back off the power for the shift, of course, but with the fast shifting provided by WickWerks rings, you can get back on it sooner.)

For more on proper shifting, please also read “Proper Shifting and Technique with WickWerks Chainrings”