Cyclocross Season

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and falling, a certain crispness hangs in the morning air . . .

. . . And, the weekends rock with the clang of cow bell!  It’s ‘CROSS Season!

Cyclocross Race Action

Cyclocross Season!!

Come out and play.  Come out and try a new sport (if you haven’t already).  Come join in the fun and get a little dirty with your bike.  It’s all part of the cyclocross season fun!

Race Action Chainrings

Unconventional, perhaps, these are some fun photo’s taken of the feet and chainrings of some amazing cyclists during the Boulder Res UCI races (October 2013).  These, and many others, are shots of WickWerks cyclocross chainrings in action.

Lots of people riding them this cyclocross season from the Pro’s on down through the Masters and Juniors.  These are racers that understand – mostly it’s about the motor – but enhanced by good equipment.

Not only is it interesting to get these fun action shots it’s interesting to see the gear ratios the riders choose as they navigate various parts of the course.  Also, of particular note, how many of the racers on the podium did it running WickWerks chainrings!  Is it because great racers run WickWerks?  or because WickWerks gives an advantage?  Maybe a bit of both?

Keep your eyes out at the races.  You can spot the WickWerks rings pretty easily if you look for the silver swooshes.  It’s subtle, but distinctive.  Also watch and see how many of the podium riders have WickWerks on their bikes.

Racing WickWerks Chain Rings