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High performance chainrings that are better by design  —  with improved shifting for Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross;  —  for Pleasure or Competition;  If front shifting is needed, WickWerks Chainrings are your ticket to better cycling. (Don’t need shifting? Find our 1X Z-Rings here.)

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110mm Cranks — Various Mounting

Not all sizes available for all cranks.

130mm Cranks

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The Technology of Better Shifting

WickWerks bicycle chainrings incorporate patented BRIDGE shift technology for incredible shifting — fast and stable — technology that works!  We’ve optimized the design for incredible shifting with the help of amazing riders like Katie Compton, the Kenda Pro Mountain Bike Team, and many more.  So, whether you’re on a road bike, a mountain bike, or riding Cyclocross, we have your chainrings.

Ramps are shown on the back side of the rings in the image here.  These patented “Radical Ramps” are the magic that makes these bicycle chainrings shift better than the competition.  What do others think?  Read our Reviews Section and find out!  Most importantly, look around and see who’s riding them, then watch who shows up on the podium.

Want to learn more?  Check out the Technology Pages or the blog post titled Explaining Shifting.

We invite you to try WickWerks to experience the difference a chainring can make, and . . . Enjoy the ride!  

Compton on WickWerks at CX Worlds 2013Katie Compton Riding WickWerks Rings at CX Worlds 2013 !