Best of Interbike 2015

Interbike 2015 was a great show.  Our New Product Introductions were considered by many as some of the best at the show.


Road Bike – Ultra Wide:

In this article on Road Bike Review titled “Best of Interbike:  The Coolest New Bike Products For 2016“, the new WickWërks Ultra Wide Road Rings are featured because they offer advantages for the Best of Both Worlds in Road Cycling.  True “climbing” gears as well as the high-speed 53 tooth power gears.


WW Note:  We were told by a competitor that a 19-tooth jump (34 to 53) could never be made good.  “Impossible” was the word they used.  Yet, those who rode it at Outdoor Demo said it was as good a shift as they had ever experienced on any compact.   These rings shift fast in every combination and they don’t rub in the small to small cross chaining combination. That’s the magic of WickWërks Bridge Shift Technology.

Road Bike Ultra Wide - RBR Interbike 2015

Also check out the more complete article found in this show article on Road Bike Review.  This one gives more photos of the 53/34 chainring set, a little more information, as well as some description of the “Juniors Solution”.


The Juniors Solution:

Also appearing is WickWërks “The Juniors Solution” which is a combination of products specifically aimed to solve two “Junior” problems.

First, is a complete solution for the USAC (and other governing bodies) rules for Junior Roll-Out — including better situations for derailleur mounting, wheel choices and cassettes.

Second, the quest for good ratios for younger kids in Cyclocross (and smaller adults for that matter).

Read what Road Bike Review says:  “Interbike 2015: WickWerks 53/34 Chanrings Offer Best Of Both Worlds

The Junior Solution - RBR Interbike 2015

Unfortunately, this photo cuts off the new Braze-On Derailleur Adapter which is the essence of how this system works with newer road bikes, braze-on mounting, and these smaller front chainrings.





  1. Gary Nebeker
    October 16, 2015 @ 7:50 AM

    When will your 53/34 chainring combo be available for purchase? I am assuming that there will be chainrings available for FSA cranksets?
    Many Thanks,

    • WickWerks
      October 16, 2015 @ 12:31 PM

      GaryN, Thanks for the note. Yes, these rings will be available around the end of the year — hopefully even for Christmas. FSA? Depends on which crank. We will not have rings available for the new asymmetric 4-and-a-half bolt pattern, but all others YES.