Quote from Amanda Carey

From Amanda Carey – Ultra Endurance Pro Mountain Bike Racer

Amanda Carey has dominated the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series the last two years. She’s on track to take the title again. These are 100 mile races and she rides the WickWerks MTB 2×10 40/26 Rings on a Race Face Next crank. The 40t certainly helps on a long ride.

The photo above is from Butch Phillips Photography – Amanda Carey at the Mohican 100 MTB race. (She won, of course.) Not only is it a great shot, it also shows the WickWerks chainrings! Thanks Butch!

Amanda Carey on Felt and WickWerksIf there’s anyone that tests the durability of WickWerks chainrings, it’s Amanda. 100 mile mountain bike races! Think of all the training she has to do to get there. It’s all done on WickWerks chainrings, so if ever in doubt, Amanda Carey is a great example of how well the rings perform.

Here’s an excerpt from an email received from Amanda that pretty much sums it up as far as durability and performance with the WickWerks chainrings.

Thanks again for your support of the Kenda/Felt team this year. I’ve had great experiences with the rings all year. Believe me, I put them to the test and I think they just keep getting better and better!

Thanks for everything!

Amanda Carey