A Triathlete’s View of WickWërks Rings

A product review from the perspective of a Triathlete — one who likes the feel of fine equipment, relishes aesthetic appeal, but is also price conscience and wants great function.  Christopher Morelock writes about his experience with WickWerks chainrings in his blog post on “The Triathlete’s Wit”.

From the perspective of a cyclist who also balances the athletic endeavors of swimming and running, Christopher discusses his decisions (and the outcome) in choosing new chain rings for his rig.

Review Highlights:

Functionality Rating: 9/10
Price Rating: 7/10
Looks Rating: 10/10

I didn’t know what smooth front shifting was (and I thought I had it down) until I put these on.

Read the full blog post — his review of WickWerks chain rings — at The Triathlete’s Wit


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