53/34 Review by Jim

53/34 Review Submitted by Jim via WickWerks.com

August 5, 2016


These things rock. I’m no technical bike guy, just a rider who puts 5000-8000 miles a year on a variety of road bikes. These chain rings shift quicker than anything else I have. That means various Dura Ace, Ultegra, and Campagnolo setups as I rotate through around 8 different bikes.

These are mounted on a LeMond Tourmelet built up with a mix of Dura Ace and Ultegra components. The FD is Dura Ace. The coolest part is when shifting from the smallest to largest chain ring. Before I even finish pushing the shifter lever over the chain rings have completed the shift to the large chain ring. It is really quick and very noticeable especially when I use this one after a day or two on a different bike. The 34 helps this old man still climb the mountains and the 53 lets me get more speed built up on the downhills before I have to tuck and let the aerodynamics take over. I love going fast downhill! I recommend these with no reservations.

I am a WickWerks customer.
What WickWerks products do you use?  –  53/34 Road Bike Chainrings
How long have you been riding WickWerks?  –  Around a year
In what State or Country do you live?  –  Utah
Where did you purchase WickWerks Chainrings?  –  Direct

Tourmelet with WickWerks 53/34 Review



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