Quote from Drew Edsall

A Direct Comparison

A direct comparison between WickWerks rings and SRAM XX on the same bike from a Kenda/Felt professional racer and cycling coach, Drew Edsall.

Also, one other note I meant to mention to you and Chris.

When I first got the Quarq it had SRAM rings on it. I used that as an opportunity to really compare your rings to theirs while training. Rode the SRAM rings on the same bike with the same setup for a few days, then rode yours.

What a difference. Shifting with your rings was far superior. I can’t stress how helpful this was in the race this weekend where I was shifting in the front very often to adjust to the terrain changes.

So thank you! Great product and happy to be racing on it!

Drew Edsall
Endurance Factor coach
Kenda / Felt Pro Mountain Bike Team Rider