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Cross Vegas - WickWerks Wicked Fast Lap Award

Wicked Fast!

Cyclocross season officially kicks off – September 10th – with Cross Vegas 2014 – Racing under the lights – and the WickWerks Wicked Fast Lap Awards.  This is a show worth attending, and it only comes once a year!

Cross Vegas Wicked Fast Lap Ring Prize

The “Wicked Fast Lap” Awards

For 2014 WickWerks is again sponsoring the Wicked Fast Lap awards.  These come in 2 varieties – For the USAC races and the “Wheelers & Dealers” race, the prize is a set of WickWerks “World’s Fastest Shifting Chainrings“.  For the Pro Men and Pro Women, the prize is a $100 check!  All you have to do is turn the single fastest lap in your race.  You don’t have to win the race, you just have to turn one lap — the fastest around the course one time during the race.


Not so.  That’s why we call it the “Wicked Fast Lap“, and that’s why we’re rewarding it with the awesome prizes.  What’s your prediction?  Who do you think will win the awards?  Guess on Facebook and let’s see who’s right.


edit September 24, 2014


First Race:  USAC Men and Women

The men’s Fastest Lap Winner was Jeff Kluck – with a lap time of 7:20.4

The women’s Fastest Lap Winner was Jennifer Nichols (also the overall race winner).

Second Race: Wheelers & Dealers

Men – Fastest Lap Winner – Craig Etheridge – with a lap time of 7:06.4

Women – Fastest Lap Winner – Amanda Schaper (also the overall race winner).

WickWerks Wicked Fast Lap Winners  - Wheelers & Dealers

Women’s Elite Race:

Wicked Fast Lap Winner, $100 Award went to Catherine Pendrel – with a lap time of 7:28.0

WickWerks Wicked Fast Lap Winner Elite Women - Pendrel

Men’s Elite Race:

Wicked Fast Lap Winner, $100 Award went to Sven Nys – with a lap time of 6:21.0

WickWerks Wicked Fast Lap Winner Elite Men - Sven

Photos by jaynefurman.com.  Click photos for full size version.


WickWerks Cross Vegas Flier and Discount Code

The Prize for the Rest of Us

Want to get in on the action?  Just for attending, WickWerks is offering a special discount — stop by the WickWerks booth, and pick up a flier with the discount code.  It’s not as good as winning the Wicked Fast Lap Award, but it’s a lot easier to get.

Hope to see you there!