The Goal is the Journey – ‘Cross Rings Review

A ‘Cross Racer and Media Technical Reviewer from the Chicago area took a wack at the WickWerks 44/34t chainrings to see what they’d do.  His article details are, as he says appealing to the “most geeky of bike geeks” as he goes into lots of detail about his bike set-up and challenges with associated components like the front derailleur. Anyway, Sweet had this to say about WickWerks chainrings:

The full article is found at “The Goal is the Journey”

As noted above, Sweet does go into a lot of detail about set-up, but a summary of his comments about the WickWerks cyclocross chainrings are as follows:

“Upshifts are super-quick and positive with almost no grinding.”

“Durability of the rings appears to be as good or better than everything else that is out there. My rings have been ridden in super muddy races (Jingle Cross) and races with lots of sand (Illinois CX championships).”

“… but right now with the Wickwerks rings and Shimano derailleur I am really happy with my shifting and can think about tinkering with other things …”

Rock On, Sweet.  We’ve said it a hundred times … when you get them dialed in, there’s nothing that shifts better.