WickWerks Cycling Components

A  Different  Approach  To  1x

  • All Singles
  • Narrow-Wide Enhanced
  • Mountain and CX

Mountain Bike – 1x – Z-Rings

— Available in 104 mm BCD.

Cyclocross – 1x – Z-Rings

— Available in various bolt patterns. Select Crank type.

If you ride a single front ring (1X), now is your chance to Step Up.

The above 1X Single rings are Now Available — For MTB and ‘Cross!

Mountain Shifting Rings, CX Shifting Rings and Road Rings are also available.  So, whatever you ride, we’ve got your Gears for an Awesome Ride Ahead.

For more info on Z-Rings, the technology, and why this is more than Narrow-Wide, it’s Narrow Wide Enhanced,
read the technical details in this product announcement.

For more information about why our famous shifting chainrings for Road, Mountain and Cyclocross
are considered the best available, check out the technical details here.

Enjoy Your Ride, Where Ever It May Take You !!